Antra Berkina

Latvian, Russian, English

Gives consultations on treatment of diseases, preventive measures and daily activities. Conducts examinations, makes treatment plans, makes home exercise plans, adapts daily activities and runs remedial exercise. Works with adults and children, infants from the age of 6 months. Adults with backache, after injuries.
Carries out examinations of individual physical functional status and its impact on daily activities and well-being. Makes treatment plans, programmes for exercise at home and adaptation of daily activities. Gives recommendations and advice on health strengthening and disease prevention.

Works with adults and children in case of various bone, joint and muscle diseases; at the recovery stage after various injuries; after diseases and injuries to the nervous system; in case of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Applies various methods of physiotherapy , such as remedial exercises, balance and co-ordination training, relaxation techniques, soft tissue and joint mobilisation, kinesiology taping, Neurac therapy (sling therapy).

Provides the services paid by insurance companies and fee-based services.

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