Medical Commission for Seafarers

Internationally acknowledged certifications (ILO/WHO/D.2/1997 Geneva) in accordance with World Health Organisation standards of medicine for seafarers.

Certificates: from Latvia, Norway, Liberia, Panama, Marshall Islands, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Antigua, Barbados, Stolt – Nielsen, etc.

Fast and accurate seafarers’ health checks using the latest diagnostic equipment:

Seafarers need to undergo check-ups:

Please note!
Seafarers should come for the check-up from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m., bring the last medical certificate and present the seafarer’s book.

Seafarers should undergo the check-up within 15 days after returning from the haul, and without any symptoms of disease.


Get an appointment for seafarer’s check-up: Phone.: +371 67229942, +371 26525711


Medical Commission for Seafarers
€ 105.00
Seafarers' Medical Commission (for catering workers)
€ 114.00
Drug test
€ 30.00
Physician's conclusion for seafarers' certificates of other countries
€ 20.00


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