Heidelberg Engineering OCT Spectralis

A non-invasive diagnostic imaging method allowing to carry olut an accurate, detailed and fast examination of the retina, optic nerve and the anterior part of the eye (cornea, anterior chamber angle, sclera, iris, conjunctiva). OCT Spectralis examination provides high-contrast, detailed cross-sectional images of various structures of the eye allowing to assess the retina and optic nerve in patients with cataract.

The method does not require the use of pupil-dilating drops. Depending on the programme applied, the duration of the examination is 5-15 minutes.


Examination of a vision
€ 6.00
Color vision test by Velhagen
€ 6.00
Removal of a foreign object from the eye
€ 10.00
Parameat blockades with novocaine solution and antibiotics
€ 10.00
Ophthalmologist examination to receive a medical certificate for an educational institution
€ 15.00
Evaluation of color vision
€ 5.00
€ 15.00
Quantitative and qualitative examination of eye movement disorders and strabismus
€ 20.00
Tonometry (both eyes), evaluation of results in correlation with pachymetry data
€ 15.00
Optical coherent tomography (OCT) of both eyes
€ 45.00
Removal of a foreign body from the cornea
€ 15.00
Fields of vision (perimetry)
€ 20.00
Rust ring removal from the cornea
€ 17.00
Removal of a foreign body from the conjunctiva
€ 17.00
Initial consultation with an ophthalmologist (autorefractokeratometry of both eyes, tonometry with pachymetry, subjective refraction to determine the best corrected visual acuity,biomicroscopy. Evaluation of color vision, gonioscopy as needed.)
€ 50.00
Epilation of incorrectly growing lashes
€ 8.00
Repeated consultation with an ophthalmologist
€ 40.00
Adjusting glasses and writing a prescription
€ 15.00


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