New! Professional teeth whitening with Philips ZOOM WHITE SPEED

“DSMC” is pleased to introduce you with “Philips ZOOM WHITE SPEED” teeth whitening system that provides excellent results without any dental damage.

Factors that affect teeth witness:
• heredity;
• aging;
• pigmented food and drinks;
• smoking and chewing tobacco;
• changes caused by poor oral hygiene, tooth decay and injury;
• medicines and medicinal therapies.

Some of these aspects are out of our control and teeth whitening is the only option to return the attractiveness of a smile, self-confidence and quality of life.

“Philips ZOOM WHITE SPEED” combines spectacular results and safety for tooth enamel and pulp.

High efficiency technology: ZOOM WHITE SPEED teeth whitening technology is based on a high content of hydrogen peroxide which is activated by using ultraviolet (UV) light. The efficiency of the treatment is advanced by a new procedure step – before each whitening cycle a whitening reaction booster is applied to the teeth. This is followed by the application of the whitening gel and UV light impact. The whitening procedure lasts only 15 minutes. The achieved effect depending on further dental care may persist for years and a repeated procedures may not be necessary.

Dental protection: Unlike other whitening gels ZOOM WHITE SPEED contains calcium phosphate which fills in any microdefects that may occur. Tooth enamel is not damaged during the procedure – on the contrary – it is strengthened, made smoother, tooth sensitivity is reduced.

Professionalism: Consultation with a dental hygienist is mandatory before the procedure to assess the current state of the teeth and discuss the further treatment plan. At the end of the teeth whitening course the specialist evaluates the results and provides recommendations for further maintenance of tooth whiteness and health. Teeth whitening procedure takes place in a clinic by a medical professional – your comfort and safety are guaranteed!

About teeth whitening procedure
Preparation: consultation, tooth polishing, preparation for the procedure (oral applicator, gum isolation, etc.).
Procedure: application of reaction booster, application of the teeth whitening gel, activation of the gel with UV light. After the procedure, the gel is rinsed with water.
Duration of the procedure: 15 min.
Procedure course duration: 3-4 procedures.

Take the chance to start the New Year with a dazzling smile!

• 460 EUR – teeth whitening with Philips ZOOM at the clinic + Teeth whitening kit for home use -individual whitening caps by Philips ZOOM!
• 345 EUR – teeth whitening with Philips ZOOM at the clinic.

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